I Should Blog Daily

I’m sorry to keep you guys hanging with the whole vacation story.  I knew this would happen. I knew it!  Taking a vacation right before the holidays may sound like a great idea, but I’m finding that’s just not the case for me.  Jumping back into life right before the rush is really taking it’s toll on me. Our trip seems like it happened months ago.  Sigh. I bet you could hear that from wherever you are.

I currently have a knot in the muscle right in my shoulder blade.  You know, the one that connects to your neck.  It hurts. Oh, and Marissa was being silly in the grocery store and ran into Bekah who ran the cart into the back of my foot.  That hurts too.  Yes, I’m just a big baby whiner today.  I need a nap.  Someone please give me a nap!

While I should probably revisit the vacation story in hopes that just taking that walk down memory lane and looking through the pictures will bring me some measure of the relaxation I felt while gone, I have to bake some rolls.  And heat up some corn.  Not hard, I know, but cooking none the less, and we all know how I feel about THAT.  I really, really want to put on my pajamas and lay in bed and watch mind-numbing tv that has no basis in reality.  I guess I could do that.  Stuff will not get done, but hey, it’ll be there tomorrow. Waiting. To attack me again.  Sigh. Did you hear that one too?

I promise, I’m really ok. Just tired and a little stressed, and well…at least I’m real about it and don’t pretend.


2 thoughts on “I Should Blog Daily

  1. It’s ok to admit you are stressed =) Don’t let “stuff” overwhelm you, remember that there are some things we do for the fun and show of it, but they are not really essential to our life. Don’t let the pressure of getting those things done steal your joy.

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