A Thinking Break

I literally cannot think anymore.  I have to stop for as long as it takes to write this post.  This time next week, we will be in Florida, getting ready to go on our long anticipated cruise! Yes, that is super exciting, but to get from where I am here sitting with mounds of papers in front of me, to a hotel in Miami…well, many, many things have to happen before then.

For instance, I gave the girls a list of how many and what kinds of outfits they would need to pack.  The plan is to stop at some resale shops this week and fill in the gaps in their wardrobes.  Cause, hello, a cruise is expensive!  So all day today it was try this on. It doesn’t fit…I don’t like it…I don’t have a shirt to match. AHHHHH!  That is the scream I was screaming in my head while I tried to patiently tell them to write down what they needed.  Because while they were doing all their pre-packing, I was working on 2 week’s worth of lesson plans, making caramel corn for a bonfire we’re going to tonight, and doing laundry. All at the same time.  Plus Phil needed my help to close the pool up for about 20 minutes in the midst of all that.  Thus the mental screaming.

My brain is melting. I’m sure of it.  Their are too many details and while I’m excellent at compartmentalizing things, when all the boxes spill into each other, well, it’s ugly.  The cruise details are kind of a huge thing.  Do I have the proper documentation?? I don’t want homeland security taking me out in the middle of boarding!  Do we all have enough of our medications?  I need to get refills.  The good news is the baby bottle warmer works beautifully at heating the distilled water for my nasal rinse!  I tried it today to be sure.  Then there’s the whole writing of lesson plans for a substitute teacher.  Which is about 10 times harder than when I write them for myself.  I can read my own chicken scratch.

I know that all the details will work out.  I know that once we get there it’s going to be AMAZING and AWESOME and all the good words you can think of in caps.  It’s the getting there that’s got me right now.  I just can’t see it.  I love having this blog where I can dump some of my thoughts to free up some room for the thinking I have to do.


3 thoughts on “A Thinking Break

  1. I love your enthusiasm for life…makes me smile and at the same time relate to the moments you are describing. Enjoy your cruise…through life

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