Mr. Sandman, please bring me a dream

I haven’t been sleeping well lately.  I’m pretty sure it’s got a lot to do with the head cold thing I’m still fighting.  Sleep is key for me.  If I don’t get enough I’m a wreck.  And if I get too much…wait, there is no ‘too much’ with me.  I’ve always envied my friends who are able to get by, and not just get by but actually thrive, on 6 hours of sleep a night.  I’m more of an 8 hour minimum type of person.

The issue it seems is that I either wake up a lot tossing and turning, or I dream crazy dreams all. night. long.  Like last night.  I dreamed I was in a store that was a cross between a BigR Store (city meets country) and Zern’s (not sure there are words to adequately describe this market.)  When I was growing up, my family used to go to Zern’s on Friday night.  Just scroll down in this newsletter to see some of the um…interesting people you will see there.  And really, what farmer’s market is complete without the stand where you can purchase a headstone?  Anyway…my dream.  I’m not really sure what I was looking for in my dream, but I kept walking around looking in all these aisles and never found what I was looking for.

Tonight, there will be no dreams. No tossing and turning.  I’m taking Nyquil.  It’s a magical thing.  I take a nice big swig of that stuff and sleep like a rock.  The only thing is the ‘hangover’ in the morning.  But that’s why there’s coffee 🙂



One thought on “Mr. Sandman, please bring me a dream

  1. The dreams… I understand that. Sometimes they make you wake up tense or upset. It’s hard to sleep well when your looking for something…

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