Diet Tips I DON’T Recommend

Today has been long. Oh, so very long. I’m back to counting calories as our cruise is quickly approaching.  That always makes things a little bit harder, but I haven’t gnawed off a table leg or anything yet.

To make things even more challenging I’ve been fighting a cold/sinus thing for almost 2 weeks now.  I give up. I called the doctor, but the soonest they can see me is not for another 5 days.  Advil is my best friend. Coming in at a close second is my bed.

Even though I only work part time, it’s wearing me out.  Today was even more trying. I was frantically finishing assessments this morning.  Then one of my students threw up right at my feet today, just as I was starting our numbers lesson. Thanks to a quick response from the office, he was taken care of, but the area behind my desk is…ick.  I sprayed my shoes and socks and pant legs with enough Lysol to fumigate the building, and went and finished the lesson.  Needless to say, my appetite took a nosedive today.  Which worked out really well for the whole counting calorie thing.

I have parent/teacher conferences the next 2 days and I had to finish report cards tonight.  Since my throbbing head isn’t letting up, my dear husband ordered pizza for dinner.  And thanks to my inability to eat lunch, I had enough calories left to be able to eat 3 slices.  I am now happy 🙂


3 thoughts on “Diet Tips I DON’T Recommend

  1. I haven’t even thought about counting calories because of the cruise. But I must saying with Bryan home every day for lunch I am eating better. When he was home on the weekend I have always made sure he has fruit for lunch, and a healthy afternoon snack. Now that he is home every day I can’t eat junk for lunch.

  2. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well but just think of the sunshine! Love you! It was great talking with you the other night.

  3. when’s your cruise? We’re leaving for one shortly too!! You took that whole puking thing in stride, I would’ve been another sickie for the office to tend to!! lol. I hope you feel better very soon!

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