After Party

As I sit here eating  birthday cake (a very small piece 😉 and sipping my coffee, I thought I’d tell you about Marissa’s birthday party.  Well, it was last night.  It was fun.  I have a big mess to clean up in the kitchen.  The rest of the house fared pretty well.

First off, let me show the before and after pics of my bathroom. Here’s the before (note the dated rose wallpaper of death.)

Bathroom Before







And here’s the bathroom after two days of scraping wallpaper, one day of filling holes, and two days of painting:

Bathroom After








Not a massively huge change, but the wallpaper is gone and that’s what really counts.  It’s hard to get a decent pic in that room, so this is what the shower curtain looks like.  I love that someone told me it looked like stuff from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and it all came from Walmart.  So did my bedding.  As much as I hate that store, sometimes it’s nice to me.

Marissa actually turned 16 last month, but we finally got around to celebrating with our friends last night.  And celebrate we did!  I was going to do a taco bar thing for dinner, or chili and cornbread which translates into: crockpot meal.  A member of my family (who was not the birthday girl, and shall remain nameless) vetoed that plan siting that tacos are too messy, and chili has beans.  Well then.  I decided to go with an Olive Garden/Italian theme for dinner.  I made 2 trays of baked ziti (the regular, old high fat cheesy good kind) and two trays of Hungry Girl’s “Have You Bake and Ziti Too” veggie ziti.  It was really for me, but I thought for sure some people would go for the veggie option.  I have 1.75 trays of the veggie one left, and 0 of the regular.  Sorry, Lisa Lillian (aka Hungry Girl.)  My guests are not as calorie conscious as we are.  I had 3 salads (one from Olive Garden), 30 Olive Garden breadsticks, and Italian bread.  Oh, and 4 lbs. of meatballs, and 3 lbs. of Italian sausage.  There’s LOTS of meat left.  Not a lot of carnivores showed up (only one really…and she hates cheese too.)  I had a crock pot with marinara sauce for dipping the breadsticks in.  Thus the huge mess in my kitchen.  I’ll be scrubbing crusted tomato sauce the rest of the day.

The big hit however was the coffee.  See, I’m not alone in my obsession.  I had a regular pot going with Starbuck Cafe Verona coffee in it, and then I used the Keurig for those who wanted decaf. or flavored coffee.  There was a line people!  If the whole teaching thing doesn’t work out, I’m told I could open a coffee shop and sell my home made caramel corn (which we also had at the party) for a living.  Considering being in the kitchen is one of my least favorite things to do, I’m thinking that would be the worst job ever for me.  And let me just apologize to my crunchy granola, earth saving friends now, and the planet.  I bought disposable everything.  If I could have bought a disposable crock pot and saved myself the scrubbing of crusted on marinara sauce, I would have.  My carbon footprint yesterday was about the size of Texas.  Thank you Costco.

The real success of the party though, was the friends who came!  I love those people.  At one point I think we had 35 people in our house, half of which were in my living room playing a marathon game of Taboo.  It was hilarious.  I think for the next party we need to take it up a few notches and get a low-watt tazer to replace the buzzer with.  That would definitely keep people from saying the wrong clues.  We ended up not having enough chairs in the house, so we had to pull in all our deck chairs too. It was also about 1,000 degrees in my house, so some people sat outside on the deck.  We had a great time!  Most importantly Marissa did.  She most wanted to play games, and that’s what everyone did.  They played numerous rounds of Big Boss, Little Boss, a card game.  We tried to get a game of Mao going, but it didn’t take.  There was much laughter, and lots and lots of coffee.  It was a great night!

Wild Game of Taboo
Another fun game is "Find Your Shoes"
Cake! Happy Birthday, Marissa!
We go to great lenghts not to cheat...even by accident!
Some people just gotta ruin the picture! (my husband!!)
How many people CAN we fit in my living room??


For the record our last guests left at 12:45 am, and everyone left happy (some with treat bags full of caramel corn.)  I call that a successful party!


4 thoughts on “After Party

  1. First of all, Happy Birthday, Marissa. Glad your party was a success. Don’t see a car in the pictures, though….

    Awesome redo in the bathroom! I have TWO in Amarillo that need to come out of the 80’s! Plus dark wainscoating in both. Hard to believe it’s the same space. I would have been nice & had the veggie ziti, but would have added meatballs and sausage. And 29 breadsticks!

    Glad your fall break was productive! Now for that kitchen clean-up!

  2. Lisa, you always do an awesome job no matter what you do. Glad Marissa had a great time. Sounds like I missed a good time.

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