Fa, La, La, La, La, La I’m on Fall Break!

It’s a morning for dancing and singing.  Coffee…of course. But much dancing and singing.  We are on fall break!  Which means two glorious days off of school for the girls and I.  So needed.

I just woke up at 11am.  I probably could have gone back to sleep again, but since I’d already slept 11 hours, I figured I shouldn’t be lazy or anything.  I’m still fighting a cold which is taking it’s toll on me (thus the needed sleep.)

Even though we’re off today and tomorrow, we are going to be busy.  Make that BUSY.  Marissa turned 16 last month, and we’re finally getting around to celebrating with a party.  And when I throw a party…well, it’s a par-tay.  Throw in a good dose of my OCD, and it can be a recipe for disaster.  Thankfully with us being OFF of SCHOOL (can you tell I’m beyond excited about this?)  I have time to clean and shop and all that business.

So Monday I decided that 12 years of having to look at the hideous rose wallpaper in the bathroom was entirely too long.  It was time for  it to come down.  The thought of having people over and them having to look at the hideous rose wallpaper in the bathroom was more than I could take.  So I started ripping.  Which meant a trip to the hardware store for Dif products (amazing stuff btw) and much mess in taking off the wallpaper.  Since our bathroom is small (a blessing in this case) it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.  After two more trips to the hardware store, Target, and numerous other stores, I had everything I needed to redecorate the bathroom.  The fact that I waited 12 years to do this, and started working on it days before I’m going to have  a house full of people just goes to show how badly I really need to be in therapy. Anyway…

The dancing and singing of this morning is not only due to being on fall break, it’s also because the paint that was supposed to cover in one coat (which as of last night when I went to bed I still doubted) actually worked!  No second coat is needed.  Yeah! Just a few touch-ups.  I’ll be sure to post the pics of it when it’s all done and prettied up.

I best get going since I’ve spent the past 3 days focusing on the bathroom, so the rest of the house has gone to the dogs.  Or in this case the kids.  Happy fall break!!


3 thoughts on “Fa, La, La, La, La, La I’m on Fall Break!

  1. Lisa, as I said before – you are awesome! Enjoy your days off and don’t do too much. People are coming to see you not your house. Enjoy! As usual, really enjoyed your blog. Marissa, enjoy your par-tay!

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