Tiny Talk Tuesday

Here’s another installment of Tiny Talk Tuesday where I share the funny things my students say to me:

Every morning before we start morning meeting, we sing our “Welcome” song.  The other day I kept having to remind a few of the students to clean up so we could start class. One of the little girls who had already finished cleaning up and was sitting on her spot in our group area pipes up and says, “So we can start our busy day, right Mrs. Mongold?!?” (one of the lines in our Welcome song is “First we’ll put our things away, then we’ll start our busy day.”) At least I know someone is listening!

One of the little girls was in the art center and was writing “PAPA” and “RARA” (her name for her grandma on a paper.)  I praised her for such a great job, then asked her to draw pictures of her grandparents also.  She looked at me and said, “My RaRa is THIS big.” (with her arms spread way out to her sides)  The thing was, her mother was still in the classroom and heard this, and she laughed so hard.  It was funny.  I just hope she doesn’t describe me that way 😉

At snack time, one of the little girls said, “Water is SO great you can’t even see it!”

While we are eating snack, one of the daycare teachers usually comes to collect the lunches from the coat hooks of the children who stay for after school care.  One day another daycare teacher was talking to her in the hall while she was doing this.  One of the little girls (who obviously didn’t know this other teacher) said, “Look! It’s Ms. Claudia and another Ms. Claudia.”

During center time two of the children were playing pretend and one of the girls was trying to get her center buddy to try whatever it was she had pretended to make.  I overheard her say, “It tastes like snapple. It’s good!”

Allergies have got everyone in my class coughing, sneezing, and pretty much sharing germs all over the place.  One little girl is also having trouble breathing.  She came up to me at recess struggling to catch her breath and said, “My breath hurts.”  I had her sit out until her breathing was back to normal.  Her best little girlfriend kept coming over and asking, “Does T have her breathe back?”

The daycare preschool class and my class have recess together.  I noticed one of the little boys in the other class constantly rubbing his head. I asked him what was wrong and he told me, “My head is pinching.”  I’m guessing he had a headache.

We had read a book about sharks at story time, and I asked them why they thought God made sharks to they could swim very fast.  One of the boys answered, “So they can go fasterly to get the little fish.”

One of my friends works at a different school and one of the kids came up to her and asked if she could sharpen her pencil.  The little girl said, “It’s low on lead.”

During a Bible lesson, one of the boys randomly says out loud, “www dot com.”  I asked him why he said that (after asking why he was talking out of turn and not paying attention!) He told me, “Cause I like to say www dot com. It’s the internet.”  Ok then.

Last week we started acting out our Bible lesson stories.  We had acted out the story of Baby Moses a couple times, and as we sat down to start our Bible lesson on Friday, one of the little girls asked me, “Are we going to play God today?”  Lol…I totally knew what she meant, but it was still funny.

If you have any funny things the little ones in your life say, I’d love to hear them!!


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