I woke up this morning at 8am with a horrid headache, downed 4 ibuprofen and went back to bed hoping for a re-do.  It worked! I woke up 2 hours later with no headache.  Saturdays have such potential, and the worst thing I can think of is not being able to do anything because of feeling like complete crap.  Wait…that’s what happened 2 weeks ago!  (stomach flu that was NOT fun) I don’t care to repeat that weekend any time soon.

Thankfully, I’m feeling fine today.  The only issue is: what to do with my day?  When I blogged about doing nothing over the summer, I wasn’t joking.  All those projects and work backed up and now they’re  staring me in the face.  And let me tell you, they’re ugly.  Since our girls aren’t involved in stuff (I thank the Lord for that daily) our weekends are blessedly void of running around and such.  Our calendar is also quite empty of social engagements. Hard to believe I know.  We used to be all about game nights and having people over.  So sad…when did I get old and reclusive?  I’m trying to ‘talk’ Marissa into a huge game night/party for her 16th birthday next month.  Crazy, I know. Having to TALK her into it.  She is her father’s daughter.

So, back to it being Saturday.  We’ve started going to the Saturday night service at our new church, and we really like it.  It’s a bit more relaxed than the Sunday am, and not wall-to-wall packed like the morning services.  Besides, we get to sleep in Sunday morning!  Seriously, Saturday night church could change my life.  Two days to sleep in on the weekend?  Bliss.  No matter what I choose to do today, I have to keep in mind that by 4:30 I need to start thinking about showering and looking presentable for church.  So, the question remains, what to do with the rest of my day?  I’ve already slept a good part of it away, then wasted another 2 hours checking email, twitter, and on FB while drinking my coffee.  The choices are to clean the house (desperately needed) or enjoy the beautiful weather outside.  As much as I want to do both, my OCD brain doesn’t work that way.  It’s one or the other folks.  All or nothing.  Which is why I seem to struggle with finding balance in my life in ALL areas.

I have to tell you that in the writing of this blog post, I know what needs to be done.  I asked myself the question, “Can I live with the house in the state it’s in for another week?” and the answer is a resounding, “NO, I can’t!”

The plus is that I have people who WILL help me (or they will lose privileges) and I can clean in my pajamas 🙂  I am getting much better at looking for the silver lining.

What are you doing with your Saturday?


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