‘Owl’ Be Seeing You

Hello Friends,

It’s been way too long since I’ve sat down to write anything on this blog.  It’s Friday night and I survived my first full week of being back to work. My days start at 5:30am and I usually go until 10pm, and lots of stuff happens in between those times.  I’m just too tired to tell you all about it right now.

School is going well for my girls and myself.  Bekah seems to enjoy being in high school, and is thinking of joining drama club.  I would like that for her.  Marissa is doing ok too, but things are different now that she’s in the ‘real’ high school.  The school they both go to was given a huge grant to build a freshman center.  The freshman class basically has their own building with all their classes and their own cafeteria in it.  It’s new, and it’s nice.  Marissa is in 10th grade this year, and she’s been thrown into the overcrowded cafeteria and old part of the school.  There’s not enough time to get through the lunch line AND eat, so the first few days she just didn’t.  Eat that is.  Now she’s started taking a fiber one bar with her and a drink, so at least she’s getting something in the middle of the day.  Alisha is happy in 6th grade and really likes her science teacher and being in orchestra.

Me? Well, when I left work today I had 11 students, and by Monday I’m told I may have 2 or 3 more.  I love uncertainty!  Being that I’m a very ordered and scheduled person when it comes to my classroom, having new kids show up without me being prepared is really stretching me. I’m trying to just roll with it and not be uptight about it, but for planning purposes, it really helps to know ahead of time.  The 11 kids I have are hilarious!  They’re a great group, and I know I’ll have plenty of fodder for “Tiny Talk Tuesdays”.  They are a young bunch, many of them are only children, or the baby of the family, and this is their first school experience.  I have my work cut out for me.   I love it though, and I’m really, really happy right now.

I’ll leave you with a few pics of my classroom.  You know how I love to take a theme and run with it!

Our behavior board. The goal: stay in the green tree.
The libray center.
The pool noodle bird nest. It's very comfy!

4 thoughts on “‘Owl’ Be Seeing You

  1. Glad to be rid of those monkeys! Or was that 2 years ago? I love the owls. And the different colored trees. Just like a stoplight! Green = good, yellow = caution, red = you shoulda stopped at yellow!

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