Cape May, NJ

This summer my girls and I had the amazing opportunity to stay with one of my friends from high school at her family’s beach house in Cape May, NJ.  She has 3 little girls, and neither of our husbands could get off of work to join us, so it was a girls only get-away. We had a blast!

Our first evening was spent at Sunset Beach.  We browsed the shops there, and stayed for the “Sunset Ceremony” that honors veterans.   Every night at 8:00 they play a scratchy old record of Kate Smith singing “God Bless America”, and the National Anthem.  Then, they give a brief history of the flag that is currently flying on the pole.  Most of the time these flags are brought to Sunset Beach by the visiting family of a veteran.  In the case of the ceremony we witnessed, it was the flag that was on the casket of a veteran who had served in World War II.  The family lowers the flag, then folds it. It was a sweet ceremony.  I was surprised at how many people came out to be there for this!  The girls had fun putting their feet in the cold water and looking for neat rocks on the shore while we were waiting for the ceremony to begin.

The best thing about this trip was how well our girls got along together, and that both Jenn and I have a kind of “whatever” attitude about vacation.  There was no rush to get anywhere.  We took our time, enjoyed our morning coffee (a necessity!!),  and just enjoyed each others company.  It was just so awesome and relaxing.

The second day we spent in Cape May was at Lighthouse Beach.    We had a beautiful day for hanging out on the Jersey Shore.  Sunny and hot!  The waves started getting pretty rough and that’s when my girls had the most fun.  There’s a really strong under-toe at this beach because it’s where the bay and the ocean are meeting up.  My girls had  fun jumping waves and attempting to stay on their feet.  There were many rocks on this beach, and keeping your balance was tough.  It wasn’t the kind of water you could really swim in, but it was fun.  There was a great breeze, and it was a perfect day at the beach!  One of the funniest moments of the day was when a seagull came up behind Marissa, swooped over her head, and snatched the sandwich right out of her hands. She screamed like the girls she is. So funny!

We went for a walk down the beach and found a wall of sand.  The girls made a great game of jumping off the wall.  Ah, the simplicity!

I’m pretty sure I got stung by a small jellyfish, but the stinging only lasted an hour or so, and I’ve had much worse pains than that in my life.  The water was churning up so much it was tough to see through it at all, so you couldn’t see where the jellyfish were.  Didn’t stop us from having fun, that’s for sure.

After a long, fun day at the beach, we headed back to the beach house to hose off and have some dinner.  After we were cleaned up we went into old Cape May.  We walked around Washington square, browsed the shops, and got some ice cream.  Jenn’s girls were so funny.  All they ever wanted was, “nilla in a cone.”  My girls all chose ‘mocha java chip’…they are MY daughter’s after all.

After a long day of fun, we relaxed in our pjs and watched Toy Story 2.   I still can’t thank Jenn enough for giving us such a great vacation! 


One thought on “Cape May, NJ

  1. The beach is so beautiful. I love looking at it. But I totally hate the sand and the water! I don’t like being dirty, hot, or swimming in water with live creatures. What a downer I am, eh??? I wish I could enjoy it like you guys did. Looks like you had an awesome time. I’m so glad for you! Are you finally staying home for a while or what?!?!?!?!?

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